About Us

Yawpower Off-Road is a division of Yawpower Products, the engineering and manufacturing arm of Injector Dynamics.

Injector Dynamics is the leader in high flow aftermarket fuel injectors developed in partnership with Bosch Motorsport, supplying injectors, fuel rails, fuel pumps, regulators and complete fuel systems for UTV's.

Injector Dynamics offers products and consulting at all levels of motorsport from grassroots racing to NASCAR in addition to working directly with auto manufacturers on special projects like the MOPAR 1000hp 426 Hemi crate engine which features ID1050 injectors. 

Yawpower is owned by Paul Yaw who is also a partner in CTW Automation, another industry leader, supplying shock dynos and test equipment to damper manufacturers, auto manufacturers and race teams worldwide.

Paul's interests and experience are equal parts engine and suspension development dating back over 30 years, ranging from carburetor modification to design and fabrication of complete suspension systems for private and factory backed race teams.

Paul entered the off-road racing arena in 2018.

As the spec injector supplier to the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series Pro4 class, he attended the season opener in Chandler, Arizona where he was surprised to hear a familiar name over the intercom: "Robert Stout, in the Magic Dry Yamaha YXZ."

Robert - having proven his worth in a variety of vehicles from Indy Lights to sprint cars - had decided to try his hand at off-road racing.

The following Sunday, a conversation with team owner Ken Stout went something like this: "That car looks like a handful, do you need a suspension sponsor?" to which Ken responded: "Do you have off-road experience."


"Well neither does the driver, let's figure it out!"

The trio went on to ruffle feathers in the Production 1000 class for the remainder of the 2018 season, alternating between tripping over their dicks and battling for podium positions.

With a season under their belt and many lessons learned, a new car was built for 2019. The team grew with the addition of Yawpower employees Asa Carney and Chris Boodram, and the quintet won the 2019 National championship.

After a frustratingly long break for Covid, the same crew built a new car and contested a handful of races in the Texas Outlaw Series, adapting to an entirely different racing surface, breaking lots of parts, and finally ending the season with a blistering performance that left no doubt these asphalt racers could win in the dirt.

Yawpower and Injector Dynamics have since supported Robert Stout in the Stadium Super Truck Series where he proved once again that he can win in anything.

For 2024, Yawpower and Injector Dynamics will be supporting Robert Stout once again for a select few high profile Pro4 races in the Championship Off-Road series.

At Yawpower Off-Road, we have a simple goal - To design and manufacture products that leave the customer happy to have spent the money.

We accomplish this by having the ability to research, design, and manufacture products in house.

These abilities also allow us to implement a no bullshit approach to marketing. 

People buy our products because they work.

Take the virtual tour below, let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to ask for an in-person tour of the facility if you find yourself in Phoenix, AZ.